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ARTWALK - Atrium Art Gallery - "Cut Series" by MIchelle Y Williams

Atrium Art Gallery presents "cut series" and large mixed media works by michelle y williams.

much of michelle's work is motivated by sentiment. this sentiment floods her hand and guides the construction, be it welding, painting, or otherwise, each creation is a deconstruction of a mood.

the intention with any work of art is to mount an impression upon the viewer. so often, this impact is made directly through color, in a demonstration of outstanding vibrancy, or the clear mention of a single muted stroke. however, michelle's convictions lie as much in a viewer's response as they do in her own act of creation. should she engineer a work in an excited manner only to have a collector find it as a solemn reflection, it does not mean the work is misinterpreted. instead, it further personifies the piece, rewarding it with a pulse. the intention is an impression, the scope of the impression lies in the viewer. classifiable by only the sensitivity of the palette knife with which she paints, michelle's work is a relentless display of senescent color, exuded upon her observers, causing one to feel less like a collector, and more like a discoverer.

michelle developed her well reknowned “cut” series in 2001.  beginning with steel which is torched by hand, she applies her various materials creating small, original paintings which cross the line into dimensional sculpture by way of her trademark plexiglas mount using bronze hardware.  these small works may also become a sort of maquette, often inspiring larger works on canvas or wood.