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ARTWALK - Atrium Art Gallery presents "Small Works" by Williams, Hamill and Bradley

Atrium Art Gallery | 61 Queen Street

Atrium Art Gallery is featuring a "small works" show by artist michelle y williams, Ruth Hamill and Joseph Bradley during the Charleston Gallery Association Artwalk.

michelle y williams developed her well reknowned “cut” series in 2001. Beginning with steel which is torched by hand, she applies her various materials creating small, original paintings which cross the line into dimensional sculpture by way of her trademark
plexiglas mount using bronze hardware.

Ruth Hamill works in oils and encaustic, often experimenting with the medium to best suit the subject at hand. Her work is about place and derives from an obsession with bodies of water. Ruth considers her paintings works of fiction, an extension of - but in contrast to - the rich tradition of landscape painting.

Joseph Bradley "Gold Finch" and "Lowcountry Landscape" series works are created on wood panel using oil, silver and gold leaf metal.