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Mitchell Hill - Opening Reception for SEWE - Wildlife Artist Betty Foy Botts

Saturday, February 13: Wildlife artist Betty Foy Botts SEWE Show 10am - 9pm

    Betty Foy Sanders Botts will be our featured SEWE artist for the 5th year in a row. Having met Michael Mitchell at SEWE in 2009, Botts jumped on board to take part in Mitchell's "Pop-Up art show for Charity" that evolved into this lovely establishment we now call Mitchell Hill. Having a soft spot for the Southeast's homeless community, Botts donates a percentage of her sales to regional shelters. 

    All of Bott's paintings are on birch panels. Since she works on paintings for months at a time, she tends to put on layer after layer until the right animal "emerges". Each painting is then given her signature on the back, which includes a bit of scripture pertaining to the painting. Our 2016 SEWE exhibit featuring Botts will be a weekend-long event. Bourbon, pimento cheese, music, and Botts will all be a part of the festivities.