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Remnants | Robert Lange Studios

These annual themed group shows at Robert Lange Studios have been developed to connect artists from the Charleston area and across the country.  Artists will present their best work in Robert Lange Studios’ 2 Queen Street gallery space. Included in the show are artists, Christopher Burk, Adam Hall, JB Boyd, KC Collins, Megan Aline, Brett Scheifflee, Josh Tiessen, Erik Johnson, Robert Lange, Mickey Williams, Kerry Brooks, Joshua Flint, Charles Williams, and Jason Drake.

Gallery owner and artist, Robert Lange says of this new body of work, “Artists are known for finding beauty in all aspects of life; I think this theme pushes them to discover possibly overlooked moments and celebrate them in paint.”

Lange’s paintings are descried as hyperrealist works in oil.  For this show he is painting a fireplace with burning logs and glowing embers.  “I wanted to paint a natural element that wasn’t immediately obvious when we were think of the theme for the show,” said Robert Lange. “I’m always drawn to the fire and its ability to transfix.”  In the painting, the fireplace is housing the final moments of a tree’s cycle before it is reclaimed and turned to ash.

Adam Hall, a celebrated landscape painter, rarely puts structures in his paintings.  For the show he has painted a haunting old barn left abandoned off in the distance. The forest behind the building is slowly overtaking it. He said, “Art is such a powerful tool and I strive to use it in the most positive way I know how. These Moments that grab us and speak to our inner selves when we least expect them to. Some of my most profound moments of discovery have been while staring out into the vast landscape and allowing myself be open.”