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Lowcountry Artists Gallery | Judy Mooney

Judy Mooney’s work is realistic, figurative sculpture inspired by the Gullah people’s history. She retells their stories through bronze and clay.

 Judy’s husband Pat Mooney will attend the CGA Art Walk, Dec 1st from 5-8 to celebrate Judy and to share her work and memory with all.

Before touching the clay Judy would research the lives of the person she would be sculpting to ensure it conveyed an authentic message. As the figure emerged from the clay she focused on expression and movement to capture their full essence. During the process the figure, and Judy, the sculptor, would begin a dialogue that defined the narrative until they would agree that the piece has a voice of its own. Judy’s hope was that each sculpture would give new insight or joy at remembering an old familiar story or learning a new one. A portion of the sale proceeds go directly to the individuals who inspired the piece.

Sadly, we lost Judy Mooney in 2017 after a courageous battle with cancer.