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Ellis-Nicholson Gallery | Jill Banks

Jill Banks “Close Encounters”

Banks is not only an award winning Impressionist oil painter, but has been named one of the top drawing and painting instructors in the Washington D.C. Area by                  

As did the founders of Impressionism, the artist captures the mood, atmosphere and sense of her subjects in everyday life. “I love that people see their own stories or memories in my paintings. I want you by my side, witnessing what’s in front of us … becoming a part of the scene." says Banks

 “Cabaret,” focuses on a lone figure who looks away yet still draws us near with her story. Of the show's eleven oil paintings, it is the most intimate view.  Other paintings depict relationships and interactions in a more public arena. “The Snuggery” and “Ladies Lunch” are set in a warm interior lit up with conversation and familiarity. Banks successfully places us in the room with those subjects.

Banks travels extensively on painting trips, not just to see new places but to meet new people. “The new and unknown immediately inspires me to see with fresh eyes, seek out potential revelations”, states Banks.  Setting up her easel on location allows Banks to observe the scene that unfolds, plus meet and interact with the interesting characters that wander onto her canvas.

Edward Hopper's wife, Josephine has been known to have said, “It took me a long time to realize that when he is looking out the window, he is working“. Just like Edward Hopper, Banks is  always working, seeing more intensely and inquisitively all the time. Everything around he is a potential subject or may hold the secret to future paintings.

Close Encouners” will be on exhibit throughout the month of September. Banks will be traveling from her Virginia home and studio to be at the opening reception to meet the public.

Later Event: September 2
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