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Dog & Horse Fine Art | Sybil Fix

Sybil Fix’s Unsliced: Turkeys Off the Plate

Sybil Fix, a Charleston artist and writer, paints birds in order to free them from the invisibility to which they have been relegated by our insatiable appetites and dulled sense of observation.

Her work seeks to highlight and sensitize us to the wonderful presence of birds.  With immediacy and color and what she considers a ‘connection’ to their inner world, Sybil wishes to capture their undying yearning for freedom and their irrepressible charm.  Her paintings, which reveal a deep love of her subject, invite the viewer to consider another being in its innate truth rather than through the lens of human use.

In a world of virtual knowledge, Sybil uses painting to translate the nature she reveres into a concrete presence in our homes and lives.  She works mostly in large scale, adding impact to her bold and colorful work, but her visual language is as piercing as Hemingway’s prose.

In addition to art, Sybil, who grew up in Italy, has worked in a variety of fields, including reporting, translation, public relations, and the teaching of both Italian and French.  She recently published her first book, The Girl from Borgo. Whether painting or writing, her intellect is apparent. 

 Join us and meet the artist!

Later Event: December 14