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Ellis-Nicholson Gallery | Bruce Nellsmith

This collection of work by Newberry College art professor Bruce Nellsmith floats freely and unchecked through the various places and experiences that comprise the life of the artist over the last year or so. It is a discerning, yet unsystematic gathering together of memories, thoughts, and musings through a body of work that was painted without a program. Nellsmith states: ”In some ways it relates to how we dream, it’s just that I was awake for all of it. In any event, it was serene”.

Paris is full of many little hidden treasures that are so easily overlooked, as depicted in Early at the Market around the corner from Notre Dame Cathedral.

Artist’s Wife on the Terrace in Sarlat is as much about the calm and serenity that one can find in the heart of a European city as it is about the light. The artist says, “I think the light and the intimacy of this painting address the same thing - putting the brakes on my hectic American lifestyle.

“There is a certain amount of serenity in nearly all of the works represented here; I’m not sure that this was a conscious effort on my part or if the paintings simply demanded it or, if as an artist, I was seeking asylum in paint. Whatever the impetus, they are all truthful.”

The exhibit runs through May 30, 2018. For more information please contact the gallery at 843-722-5353 or stop by 1 ½ Broad Street.

Later Event: May 11
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