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Ellis-Nicholson Gallery | Laurie Adams

“Conversation with the Figure”

North Carolina artist, Laurie Adams’ June exhibit at the Ellis-Nicholson Gallery Conversations with the Figure intends to raise thoughts and questions about the conversations we have and how that translates into communication. The artist says, “I am interested in who we bring forth and present in our conversations and how honest are we in revealing ourselves. My paintings represent that which I see as the very essence of the figure, so as to start a conversation of beauty, mystery, the female body unashamed, mother and child, communal efforts, and strangers, unconnected, yet searching for a connection. It is my intent through this body of work to ask a larger question, that I believe looms over us both individually and collectively, and that is what conversations still long to be spoken?”

Using oils and canvas, Adams’ process is to search for lost and found form, edges, texture and layers to create an atmospheric relationship between shapes, adding color and hue, hoping the subject gives birth to its unique personal beauty.  The artist’s current interest is in abstraction both with the figure and without, emphasizing the simplicity of black and white, light and dark, and all that lies in-between.