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This August, Mary Martin Gallery proudly presents the colorful paintings of Susan Pepe.  Perspective: a technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface. “Reflection: The Return of Light” by Susan Pepe is a visual representation of perspective, choices, and what we allow ourselves to see.  The paintings by Pepe allude to the perspectives we envision in our minds every day.  Pepe’s paintings are vibrant, full of color, and positive expressions. What’s your perspective?  Join us as we welcome Susan Pepe at 103 Broad Street for an enchanting evening of fine art at the Mary Martin Gallery on August 3rd 5-8 pm.

“I've learned that the little things aren't so little - and that is why I feel so passionate about painting them - flowers, beautiful places, the beach, and precious moments with our children (furry and otherwise).  I hope you can feel the joy...” – Susan Pepe

Art Walk and Show Opening: August 3, 2018 – 5-8pm at 103 Broad Street, Charleston SC